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Abid Chudhuary With a serious smile on the face and a twinkle in the eye, Abid Chudhuary, who has ruled the property industry for years, belongs to the Punjab area of Hasil pur, if the saying of, touching the sky from the ground is hard to believe. So undoubtedly, Abid Chudhuary fulfills this parable because when he decided to set his sights on the property industry after graduation, the obstacles tried to stop the young man’s path, but his determination and fall the young man with enthusiasm did not give up his courage and slowly climbed the stairs of success. Nowadays, Abid Chudhuary is the CEO of Multiconcept Marketing Company, under Multiconcept Marketing, he has several successful projects including Khayaban-E-Amin Society, Lake City, Park Avenue and Valencia. From the planning to the completion, the project of Zamin City, located at the best location in Lahore, has been working hard and successfully.Abid Chudhuary, who ruled the property industry, is also a compassionate human being, constantly striving for the rights of the poor, rights holders. Being a senior member of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce, he knows the skill of living in the hearts of people with his unique reach in political, social circles, which is why there are people of every thought in his constituency. The purpose of his life is to create a housing project in which the poor will be given priority on a priority basis. Abid Chudhuary’s life declares that if man is on the right path, no hurry is needed to achieve the destination, because great achievements always come after a long time.

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